Our Timetable



Before you join our classes you need to book an induction session. 



We have a timetable of online classes up and running using Zoom.

Classes will be taught by either Andy or Carrie.


To book please email us.

  • Monday - Carrie

    12noon - Advanced

    1pm - Beginners & Back Care 

    6pm - Beginners & Back Care

    7pm - Advanced

  • Tuesday - Carrie

    6pm - Beginners & Back Care 

    7pm - Advanced 


  • Wednesday - Carrie

    12noon Beginner & Back Care

    1pm Advanced

    6pm Advanced

  • Thursday - Alison

    5pm - Beginners & Back Care 

  • Saturday - Carrie


    9am - Beginners & Back Care

    10am - Advanced

  • Inductions

    The individual care and attention that we give to our members is what sets Leith Pilates apart and we think you’re worth it.

    To check availability & book

    this private 1-2-1 session,

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Our Classes

Beginners & Back Care

We understand that learning something new can be a daunting especially if you’ve been in pain. So our Beginners and Back Care classes are carefully designed to slowly introduce you to the techniques and ideas behind the Pilates system of movement and allow you the time to think about your body and learn the moves under the careful supervision of our experienced instructors.

Pilates is a combination of moves that at its core uses and the muscles the body most needs to protect itself against the rigours of movement, time and bad posture.

For those suffering with pain you can prevent more pain through education. In class you will learn about how your body is supposed to be aligned and how it should move, then you will work on specific muscles in class to help with realignment and support.

Changes you make in class will change your life outside. Through careful and safe work on those important supporting muscles all over the body we will maintain and hope to improve you range of movement to limit future damage.

Pilates is a powerful combination of moves that give the power back to you to help prevent and manage your pain.


Advanced Pilates classes are for those who have become comfortable with basic principles of Pilates and have no injury that would prevent them from pushing their bodies to build more strength and tone. We use the small props and advanced versions of the basic moves to really challenge the muscles that we normal wake up and work in the beginners class. In advanced classes we will work on increasing muscle tone and balance and breathing whilst holding challenging positions.

There already has to be a high standard of Pilates understanding, with no health or joint issues that would be made worse by a prolonged isometric workout.

The advanced aspect comes from a trust between client and their body that each participant knows their range and strength, pushing themselves only when they can.

There is still an emphasis on moving safely and we are going for stability not perfection. We hold positions for longer and work on being able to breathe and move at the same time. Great for fine tuning those already toned and balanced bodies or for safely advancing your current workout.

Private Sessions

We also offer Private Sessions for new and current clients. We offer these at both our Director and Teacher levels. Click here to find out more!

What our clients say . . .

"I’m 67 years old and, in recent years, have had both hips replaced and suffered a prolapsed disc. After a couple of 1-1s with Andy I joined his Beginners Class. The progress in the last few months has been amazing culminating with completing a full 18 holes of golf at a hilly Kingsknowe Golf Club yesterday. Something I thought I’d never do again. Amazing."

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